May 16, 2011

About Us

These days, people prefer to have different types of cosmetic surgeries so that they can transform their look. At the same time people want to have those surgeries under a perfect climate and quality hospital so that they can recover in really less time.

This sort of demand from people is exactly boosting the level of healthcare vacation that seems to be acquiring the right amount of pace. Well, gradually this is developing as a trend and due to such reason people prefer to move for Thailand. If you are also looking for the best hospital in Thailand where you can accomplish desired cosmetic surgery, then it´s time to move for our premise.

We are all set to fulfill your notion for a perfect healthcare vacation and at the same time we can offer you elegant medical services that you will hardly find anywhere else. We are offering enough priority for our patient´s desire and our surgeons will work with you to resolve your problem from the core. Also, give yourself some time to recover and you have to leave yourself the significant amount of the recovery time at Thailand after surgery. You will not just require time recovering so you may fly once again however, you have to head back to the surgeon so they will ensure that you heal rightly. Thus, plan ahead spending up to one week in the Thailand after surgery. Thailand plastic surgery is the medical tourism leader in organization of the packages for the plastic surgery at Thailand, cosmetic dentistry, gastric bypass, as well as assisted fertilization methods. Our inclusive packages combine the first class medical treatments, and relaxation packages with some exciting as well as exotic on site relaxation in Thailand.

Thailand plastic surgery´s quality control means you just have an access to most known surgeons. Also, they´re the members of American & International societies, and cumulate over 35 years of the experience as well as have in more than 500 pleased US patients. Thailand plastic surgery thinks in treating whole patient – and not body parts. Our assistance can mean you may feel home away from your home. And your English speaking assistant, and dedicated nurse as well as our whole team can insure your experience with us is top notch and our trips in the Thailand can fulfill all your senses.