August 29, 2011

Advantages and disadvantages

The Breast augmentation surgical techniques´ advantages and disadvantages

There are four options of the breast augmentation surgical techniques:   the under the breast (inframammary), under the arm (transaxillary), belly button (transumbilical), and around the areola (Periareolar).    Planning and undergoing certain surgical breast surgery techniques are not exempted from some of the major and minor problems.   It is essential for a patient to do some researching on different factors relating to breast augmentation surgical procedures.

These are the common disadvantages of a breast augmentation surgery:

  • Breast implants rippling.  The fully submuscular and partial breast implant placements have minimal chance of having a problem concerning the visible rippling of the breast implant.  This is because of the partial or full covering by the muscle.  The additional padding that the muscle to have complete or partial cover of the implants will hide the rippling under a thick tissue layer.
  • The most common risk of breast augmentation surgery is the capsular contracture.  It can occur at any time, but is very common in the first several months after the surgical procedure.    During the initial surgery, a pocket will be made for the implant.   And during the healing process, there will be a capsule form which is contain of fibrous tissue.   Normally the human body is genetically programmed to make a scar shrink naturally.  But in some cases, this capsule will tighten and will compress the implant.  This will make the breast implant to be harden and will deform the physical appearance of the breast.    The next stages, the implant will feel stiff and may take on a “round-like” appearance.  It is necessary to remember that it is not the implants that become solid.  The shrinkage of the capsule presses the implants resulting to feel rigid.     Nevertheless, when the implant is replaced or removed, it will just as soft as it was the time of surgery when it was placed.breast augmentation
  • The method of above the breast muscle placement would more possible for the sagging of the breast as the woman ages.     With the method of a partial placement of a submuscular type or in a complete submuscular placement, the implants are much supported which will result to lessen the drooping of the operated boobs over the longer period of time.

Major of the women population who are so concern with their physical appearance preferred to do some changes in their assets and breast augmentation is one of them.  The advantages of the surgical procedures are:


  •  The size of woman´s breast can change her total personality.  It can help women to achieve a sexy figure, and can boost herself assurance, providing her great confidence in her professional and social life.
  • Females who have undergone a breast implants are experiencing an increase of self-esteem and confidence especially with women with multiple childbirths, drastic weight loss and distorted/deformed breasts because of injury or some major diseases
  • The way woman carry sexy clothing will perks up with the full and firm breasts.    Bust lines will allow garments to be more attracting, expressive and more striking.  From dresses to swimwear, plunging neckline tops and dresses can be worn with confidence one you’ve undergone breast augmentation.