August 29, 2011

All about breast augmentation surgery

More on breast augmentation

One of the physical assets the opposite sex is interested or must give attention is the full and firm women´s breasts.  Breasts are the symbols of a woman´s femininity, sexiness and beauty.  For women who are not gifted with these physical assets, breast augmentation can solve their worries.

During the breast augmentation the surgeon implants are inserted using an incision above the breast crease or on the pigmented area of areola, or in the armpit.    The implants are then placed into a “pocket” that the surgeon had created which can be found behind the breast tissue or on the muscle of the chest in order to add volume and improves the breast shape.  The sagginess and the deformity of the breasts are caused by some factors like ageing, childbirth, and weight loss.

Breast augmentation is good alternative for the candidates with one or two conditions as follows:

  • Candidates with small and under-developed breast
  • Her breasts are not proportion with her body figure
  • The candidate is not comfortable with her choice of wardrobes
  • She is not satisfied with the size and shape of her breasts due to multiple pregnancies, aging, and weight loss
  • Her breasts are in asymmetric shape and size
  • If the candidate wants a revision of surgery.

Undergoing breast augmentation can improve the physical appearance of a person and can boost self-confidence.  The patient must be realistic that breast augmentation surgery will not necessarily change her looks but it will only enhance her personality.   Before she had decided to forego the surgery, she must have realistic expectations for the surgery outcomes.

Below are some considerations of breast augmentation surgery:

  • Like other surgical procedures, breast augmentation carries some common risks and complications t=such as bleeding, infection, slow healing, scarring and reaction to anesthesia.
  • That the line of incision could be noticeable, heal and fade for couple of months or longer, the swelling and discoloration of the surgical area and the breast will eventually diminish.  It is important to use support brassiere for a few weeks.
  • The patient must understand that even natural breasts show some variations.  That after the surgery, the breasts may not be in perfect symmetric shape and the nipple height will slightly vary.
  • Rarely, the loss of sensation in the nipples may occur
  • Because of the slow and poor healing of the augmentation surgery, it is necessary to have revision surgery
  • That gravity and the aging factor will not be prevented and eventually it will alter the shape and size of the breasts.

Two days after the augmentation surgery, the patient must be up and about.   Surgical dressings shall be removed within few days and she will be instructed to wear a support bra.  She can take a shower between four days to one week following surgery.  The sutures will be removed in about a week.   Skin discoloration and swelling will be noticeable but eventually they will fade quickly.  Swelling will subside within a month.