August 29, 2011

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation

is a surgical procedure which reshapes the breast, by lifting and reducing the sagging breasts or to enlarge the small boobs, or by restructuring breast after a removal of breast tumor.  This surgery is to extract the extra tissue from the underside of the breast.  The breast is raise, and drawn through an aperture in on overhanging skin flap.  To make the breast in large size, silicone gel and saline-filled prosthesis will be inserted in a pocket formed under the breasts on the chest wall.

This cosmetic procedure can be a good alternative if the candidate has at least the following conditions:

  • Her breast may have an under-developed breasts

The candidate´s figure is out of proportion because of the small breasts and it makes the hips wide in appearance

  • She cannot wear swim suits or sexy clothing.
  • She may feel dissatisfaction with her breast losing its volume and shape after childbirth, aging and drastic weight loss
  • Her breasts vary in shape and size
  • She is not satisfied with the first breast implants and having problems with them
  • When one of  her breast have an unnatural elongated shape

Undergoing breast augmentation can increase self-confidence and enhance the physical appearance.    When a woman decides to have the surgery, she should think carefully about her anticipations and the possible results.  She should discuss things with her surgeon.  The best candidates for breast augmentation are those women who want to have improvement, and not perfection.  If she is physically healthy and with realistic expectations, she may a good candidate for this type of surgery.   It is vital to discuss her individual expectations regarding the change she seek in the size and shape of her breast with her doctor who will be able to consider surgical approach to satisfy her needs.

Risks related to breast augmentation are as follows:

  • Skin wrinkling and rippling
  • Implant extrusion
  • Calcification
  • Tissue stretching and implant displacement
  • Chest wall irregularities
  • Surface contamination of implants
  • Assymmetry
  • Bleeding
  • Hematoma
  • Infection

There are women who lost one or both of her breasts because of cancer.  When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, her physicians would suggest for a mastectomy or the removal of the breast, for the purpose of removing the cancer cells that cause breast cancer.

Breast reconstruction can dramatically improve a woman´s appearance; boost self confidence and her quality of life.

After the breast augmentation, it is proper to see and visit her surgeon regularly to monitor her health and implants conditions.      She must also:

  • Continue to have a healthy diet , engage in regular fitness activities
  • Quit smoking and practice good sun protection
  • Continue to massage her breast (if instructed by the physician) and have self breast examination
  • Continue to monitor her breast condition.  Red or thickened, raised or appear too wide, you have to consult the surgeon immediately.