May 16, 2011

Yanhee International Hospital

 At present, Yanhee international hospital is biggest and most effective center for beauty and wellness. This hospital was established in the year of 1984, and that time the surgeons of this hospital have been started their work Sumritvanitcha Suopt. After that, this hospital has expanded to a 30 bed hospital as well as its infrastructure and location. According to the increasing demand of patient, this Yanhee international hospital has made the 200 additional beds so that the surgeons can handle the fastest treatment of the patients. In this regard, this hospital has also certified ISO 9001.  You can find out the excellent interpreters who can assist you to know the local language with during the treatment procedure. In this regard, Yanhee international hospital has some key factor that you can find out the best solution of your problem, and these key factors are:

  • There are 950 employees in administration, services etc.
  • 30 persons are managing the whole system of this hospital.
  • There are 200 nurses with 125 part-time doctors, and also 120 full-time doctors.
  • Monthly there are above 5300 patients beauty surgeries carried out.
  • In this hospital more than 1400 employees are working.
  • There are 95 examination rooms available

Below you can find a few key date about Yanhee International Hospital

  1. 12 operating theatre
  2. 400 beds
  3. ICU with twenty beds
  4. 35 operating rooms (and for the ambulant surgeries)yanhee international hospital
  5. 95 examination
  6. Hospital is ISO 9001 certified
  7. Daily 1500 to 2000 outpatients go in & out
  8. Daily 165 inpatients are also coming for the treatment
  9. Monthly there are 3600 to 5300 beauty surgeries that are carried out
  10. 125 part-time doctors
  11. 30 people from management team
  12. 120 full -time doctors
  13. 950 employees in service, administration, etc.
  14. 200 graduated nurses
  15. In total hospital has over 1400 employees

Yanhee International Hospital has four main departments:

General Medicine

Beauty & Wellness (Beauty Center)

Dental Center (24 dentists)

Naturopathic Medicine

The hospital, which takes care to make sure that hospital equipment that it uses for diagnosis as well as treatment is of highest quality as well as it is kept to highest standards is one that can generally take best care of the patients. One of ways that hospital can demonstrate the professionalism as well as dedication to the patient care is while cleaning the hospital equipment. Nature of the hospitals is that risk of infection at time of day to day operations is higher than in some other environments. For this cause, extra care should be taken while sterilizing and cleaning hospital tool. It is common industry practice for retaining services of the specialized cleaning & maintenance company to make sure highest level of the cleanliness in hospital environment.