August 29, 2011

Breast augmentation incisions

What type of augmentation incisions is best for me?

During the initial check-up with the surgeon, the doctor will examine the necessary body parts and qualities or features of the patient before he suggest the right type of augmentation incision he is going to perform.

There are four surgical areas in breast augmentation surgery.  These include:

  • Inframammary incision  or the crease incision which is in the found below the breast
  • Tran umbilical or the belly button incision
  • Periareolar incision or the nipple incision
  • Transaxillary or the armpit incision

If a patient preferred to have a certain kind of incision, it is one of the many decisions that she must discuss with her surgeon.    The type of incision pattern will depends on many considerations like the implant size and shape, the candidate´s anatomy, her lifestyle and the surgeon´s preferences.

To how long the augmentation incision is will also depend on some factors.   The type, size and implant surface will be considered factors.  For the TUBA, the incision will be short and not noticeable.    The large implants will require a longer incision.   The prefilled breast implants or the silicone gel implants requires a large incisions compared to saline breast implants which are filled after they are placed.

Surgeons have been really concern when their patient about the infection of staph if they will place the breast implants through the naval (transumbilically), especially when they compared with other incisions on the breast especially    the method like the periareolar (nipple) incision.   This may because this method the implants are passed through the milk ducts where the bacteria of staph are found.

In general, the scar formation after the breast augmentation surgery differs from an individual to another.   The breast implant incision will take eleven months to one year to cure.  Some patients may develop keloid which will take a longer time to be healed and fade out.   This kind of scar is common to people with dark skin.  If you knew from the start that you are prone in developing keloid, talk with your doctor to prescribe a scar medication product like the silicone sheeting.

If the patient will desire for a revision breast augmentation, the primary breast augmentation incision will be use.  So, there is no need for new incisions of breast implants.

Just as with implant type and size, implant placement, breast implant incision prototype should be discuss during the patient´s initial consultation with a certified plastic surgeon.  The patient must ask her surgeon what will he recommends for the patient´s surgery, and why.

For the patients who are concern with wearing bra after the surgery, it is advisable to wear expandable foam padding around the breasts.  The patient can wear bra over both to prevent irritation on the incision lines.

Breast augmentation with implants is popular procedures for females who want to reshape and enlarge their breasts.   The patient must be have a comprehensive knowledge about breast augmentation, its implants types, size, shape, pros and cons, incisions,  and other information related  to breast surgery including the cost of breast implants and the surgeons´ photo gallery of his former patients before and after photo gallery regarding augmentation incisions.