August 29, 2011

Breast Implant incisions

How to choose breast augmentation incisions

When one is planning to have breast augmentation, there are lot things to prepare, plan and factors to be consider.    One of the vital factors to plan and decide is the augmentation incision.    During the initial consultations it is important for the candidate to have discussion with the surgeon.  Only the cosmetic surgeon could tell candidate the best type of incision for her specific case.

Ideal candidate have four alternatives for the types of incisions if she would decide to have saline breast implants, while for the silicone gel breast implants, there are three options.

  • Transumbilical breast augmentation or the TUBA.   This is only for the saline implants and not applicable for the silicone gel breast implants.    The incision will be on the naval and then it will slide to the breast implant up to the area of chest.    The TUBA method can be used on the below and above the muscle.    The advantage of this incision is there will be no visible scar after the surgery.      Experienced surgeon could only perform this option.
  • Transaxillary incision.   This incision is placed in the armpit, which is away from the breast.    The surgeons can find this difficult to perform because of its distance from the breast area.    Scar is not visible with this method.
  •  Inframammary incision.   Known as also as breast fold incision.  This is the underside of the breast surgical method.    This is used to place the implant above or below the muscle.    This is the most choice of the cosmetic surgeons for accurate placement of the implants.    With this type of incision, the scar will be noticeable.
  • Periareolar incision.      Surgical practitioners performing this incision in the tissue surrounding the areola or the nipple.   This is also used for either saline or silicone gel implants below and above the muscle.     The surgeons also used this method in removing or replacing the breast implant.

The patient must always remember that there is no good or best incision.  A healed incision in any surgical area is much better than the poor incision in any other areas.  Most of the surgical practitioners agreed that the loss of sensation has to do with the surgery techniques and the size of the implant.

The following are the respective disadvantages of the three incisions:

  • Transaxillary incision.     This is a blind procedure by which the implant can be placed above the muscle.  The   succeeding operation will require another scar.  It will have the potential for abdomen irregularity.  This incision is least accurate and will promote bad asymmetry
  • Inframammary incision.  The disadvantages of this incision is the location of the scar which is in the fold of the breast and the healing of the scar takes longer period of time which is one year to eighteen months.
  • Periareolar incision.  Loss of sensation and the inability to breast feed are two main disadvantages of this type of incision.

Undergoing breast implants has lot more advantages to the personality of the patients, below are some of them:

  • It will boost her self confidence and self esteem
  • She will be comfortable with her new cup size
  • It will improve her body image
  • Breast implants will restore the fullness and the firmness of her sagging boobs
  • It serves as a reconstruction surgery  for patients with breast cancer or injury or diseases
  • It will restore the lost size and volume due to breast feeding and weight loss