August 29, 2011

Breast augmentation revision

Is there a need for breast augmentation revision surgery?

Women have so many reasons for the revision of their breast surgery.     Sometimes their main goal of breast augmentation revision is that they are not satisfied with some reasons or feel with her new breasts.  The revision of breast augmentation can be so complex than the first breast augmentation.  It will also likely to cost much more and may have a longer period of healing.

The patient must think a hundred times before the breast augmentation.   The number one reason why women decide to have a revision surgery is that they want a bigger breast´s size.    Some reasons are the deflation of the implant, breast augmentation complication, changes of breast shape and size after giving birth, loss of weight, and the poor placement of the implant.    And other women would want to change their saline implant to silicone gel-breast implant and vice versa.  Others may choose to explants their breasts because they want to have their natural breasts back.    The main purpose of the breast augmentation revision is that women are not happy with some of the aspects of the breast augmentation surgery.  The revision would be more difficult than the initial breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation revision procedure

begins with the patient´s initial consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.    Some women return to her surgeon who did her primary breast surgery, and now for revision.    Sometimes, they search or look for a new cosmetic surgeon.   The final decision depends on the kind of the cosmetic concern as well as how much time has passed since the first operation.    If the patient will seek the professional services of a new surgeon, she must take to her the medical history records.  The new surgeon will need to learn of what type and shape, size of breast  the patient is currently have and  to plan what is best for her revision surgery.    During the initial consultation, the patient must tell the surgeon the specific information relating to her primary surgical procedure.    In some cases, nothing went wrong with the surgery or the primary surgeon per se.  But the patient´s body and breasts changes over time   and what was once ideal is no longer acceptable.

The cosmetic surgeon will examine and analyze the size shape of the breasts, will take the “before” photos during this consultation visit.    He will also analyze the patient´s skin quality and tone, the position of the areolas and the nipples.  After the examination, the surgeon will then evaluate and explain the results to the patient and will lie some of his suggestions according to the patient´s needs and expectations.

Some of the revision surgeries are includes:  the changing of the implant to new shape, overfilling the implants to minimize rippling, changing the implants surface from smooth to textures (or vice versa).

The surgeons suggest the patient to waiting for at least a year to recover from the primary surgery before undergoing with a revision  surgery  Breast augmentation  revision surgical procedure reasons varies on the kind of the plastic surgery issues,    In some cases the surgeon would fix immediately a cosmetic issue like pronounced asymmetry.