August 29, 2011

Breast implant fill saline or silicone

What type of breast implant would you want to use?  Saline or silicone?

More females today are searching for the best beauty product that will produce the excellent results in breast enhancement/implant and the fulfillment they desired for their physical assets.  There are many breast enlargement products and procedures available on the market but there are some products that stand out over the others.  The best breast implant product can be defined as the one which guarantee fast, effective, and with permanent results.    Let us identify the two most popular types of breast implants and then let the patient decide (with the aid of her surgeon) which she will choose the safe and less risks product.

Saline.    This breast implant product is available

as empty silicone balloon-like device to be filled with normal saline at the time of the surgical procedure.  This product can be adjusted to balance the asymmetry between the breasts.  This implant product is less popular then silicone because they often have a less natural feel.    When the candidate has little tissue in the breast or with small amount of skin membrane following the removal of the tumor, ugly creases and the device´s shape will be noticeable on the breasts.  This is but normal whenever the surface is textured.  In a saline breast implant, the scar is shorter for the implants are filled after they are placed, allowing smaller incision.

Silicone.   This breast implant product had gone through with many studies,

improvements and changes.  This is used and become popular since the early of 1963.  They come in different sizes, shapes and styles within each class.   The silicone is made up of elastomer rubber and is considered the very basic of all implants.  Patient may choose from single to double, and they are textured and with smooth feeling and covered with polyurethane foam.  These implant products were banned in the United States but marketed in Europe.   The advantages of silicone implants are always on the aesthetic side.  They feel and look naturally soft and cannot be distinguished from breasts without implants, provided they will not develop into capsular contracture.  The silicone implants have lower rate of rippling and wrinkling.  Women with thin body frame can decide to place the breast tissue over the muscle without compromising the shape and size of the breast/s.

During the initial consultation with the surgeon, the candidate will have to select the type of implants for her (Whatever she may select, the results will be outstanding).    According to the surgeons, the candidate for the breast implants has a minimal amount of body fat to conceal the implant device.    Silicone gel breast implant is much softer so if the patient does not have the breast tissue to cover the implants, it may be best to use the silicone gel.  The price difference between the two implants is the silicone gel is more of expensive.

The aim of breast implants is to create a natural feeling breast.  Patients do not realize that the two types of implants have silicone outer layer.  The difference then is what the breast implant is filled with.