August 29, 2011

Breast implant profiles (projection)

Learn your accurate breast implant profiles

For some women, the breast augmentation sizing is fine for them, but to others the outcome comes with unsightly after surgery results.  In the past, the size of breast implant was based in the volume, and that is by cubic centimeters (cc´s) that filled in the implant casing.    Using the standard sizing could result some problems:

  1. The implants are widely proportioned to the body   but does not project forward enough
  2. The implants may sometimes too limited or too broad
  3. They may narrow or too  wide
  4. The cleavage may results to be not natural looking

Today, if a patient would undergo breast implant, the factors that would be considered are not only about the shape and size but also the profile or the projection of the implant.    Projection which means the width and the depth of the implant that will have an excellent surgery result.

Below are the common types of the breast implant profiles / projections:

  1. The moderate projection/profile.  This type is normal sized implants that are relatively proportion in width and the forward projection.  This type is the closest to the original and standard-typed.
  2. The moderate Plus projection/profile.    This type is perfect for women with small body frame or to females who wants to projects more on bust lines, rather than plain breast roundness.  This implant offers a minor tapered widened and forward projection, which will create depth than width.
  3. High profile breast implant.    This type promotes more on the forward projection compromising a narrow based in diameter.  This is for small or thin females who want natural looking appearance in forward projection.   This type is great for women with minimal breast tissue and with narrow chest measurement.
  4. Low profile breast implant.  This type is great for a large and fuller framed female.  Women with wide frame benefit the large based diameter of this type.   It creates the shape on her breasts that are proportion to her body shape.

The breast implant profiles / projection promotes the natural look and feel

for many patients who underwent breasts augmentation.  The silicone and saline breast implants are obtainable in various sizes and profiles to meet the needs of every woman.  The patient must discuss with her surgeon on how the implant projection can help on her expectations.

With all the techniques and modern technologies used in the cosmetic surgery surgical procedures, surgeons are now capable of improving the enhancement of his expertise.    These modern innovations can provide the ability to modify the profile of a woman´s breast.  In the past, the profile was only determined only through the size of the cubic centimeter used.   Today, in order to select a breast implant, the patient and the practitioner have the alternative on revision the projection of the breast implant.  This transformation relates directly to the profile of the breast.

During the preliminary consultation with the surgeon, the patient must discuss about her plan of breast implants.  Common facts must be discuss:  shape, size projection, types of implant, before and after surgery preparation, recovery time, risks and complications, diet,  and the surgical cost.  It is vital for the patient to learn information on breast implant profiles to avoid confusion and stress.