August 29, 2011

Breast implant shapes

Two types of breast implant shapes

One of the most important things to do before undergoing breast implant surgery is the preference of the size and shape of the implant.   There is wide range of sizes and shapes of implant models that according to the need of each patient.   The size and shape of the breast implant that a candidate will use will be depending on the patient´s liking.

Many patients who are unhappy with the breast implant result are those without clear idea of the size, shape and type of the breast implant models before they had their operation.  It is highly recommended to consider these factors to avoid depression, and frustration after surgery.  One thing more, the unsatisfactory result of the surgical procedure could lead to a revision surgery which is an additional risk for surgical complications.  The patient must inform her choice to her surgeon before the surgery and have more control over the final result of the breast augmentation procedure.

When deciding the shape of the breast implant, the patient must consider how the shape and size of the implant will change her overall physical appearance.   Studies show that most patients change their breast shape and size from size A to cup C and others would likely increase from a cup B to cup D.  It is a great suggestion that a patient must not surpass a two-cup increase in shape and size of implants for it will promote the drastic changes on her overall appearance.    She should make her breast proportioned with her hips.

In choosing the shape and size of breast implant, here are the two options, their advantages and the disadvantages:

  • Round implant.  This provides the natural shape of the breast and associated with the less number of the common risks and complications.  The drawback of these models is it offers control over long lasting superior pole fullness.
  • The anatomical “tear drop” implant.  It provides a contour that is the same to the natural shape of a breast.    With provision of vast control of the superior pole of fullness for wide-chested women.    The tear-drop implants use only a consistent surface to associate with the breast tissue and not to rotate in the body.  It has also the possibility that the upper portion of the implant would be inappropriately in inward or outward positions if this shape will rotate.

A patient must be aware that during her initial consultation with her surgeon, the doctor will likely ask the patient to describe the details of what would she wants to improve.  Be specific and if the surgeon will fully understand the patient´s expectation. He will be able to determine if the patient goals are realistic.  The surgeon will then examine the breast of the patient and he will talk about the shape and size of the breast she would likely to receive and some considerations that will be involved with the breast implant.

Patient should learn to discuss and ask with her preferred surgeon the following information, although the surgeon already knows these details, it is important to open-up her mind:

  • The implant shape:  whether it is round or teardrop
  • The implant surface:  textured or smooth
  • The implant placement:  below or above the muscle
  • The implant incision site:  belly button, breast, armpit, areola