August 29, 2011

Find your breast implant size

Learn wisely your correct breast implant size

There are different types of breast implants and there are various implant sizes according to the patient´s needs.  There is no such thing as “fits all” implant size.    Every female has an exceptional body anatomy.  There is no replacement for the correct body measurement.  The surgeon will examine and decide the correct broadness of the patient´s chest, the width of the breast and the breasts´ gap.   One vital factor also is the looseness of the skin.   For a successful breasts operation, the patient must have enough tissue to cover up the breast implant.    And making sure that the breasts are equally even in shape, size and profile.

Having the accurate breast implant size is important factor

in determining for a patient so that she will be pleased in her decision to have her breast implant surgery.    Most women are having sometimes opposing goals in having implant surgery for the reasons of:

  • They do not want to have a large implant that the other people would suspect her that she had surgery, that she may become the attraction of the opposite sex, thus making her so uncomfortable;
  • That she want to get through the surgery having regrets that she sis not go large enough. breast implant size

It will helpful to discuss with the surgeon about the correct breast implant size.  Many patients are having their surgery in order to make their boobs proportion to other parts of her body.    During the patient´s consultation, the surgeon will measure the breast diameter and choose the implant size for the patient.    Some women might want their concluded size either small or large, but this will be based according to the proportion of the body.

In the surgeon´s clinic, there are sizers that a patient should try on to have the correct sizes before the implant surgery.     If the patients seek for a larger size implants, she must not hesitate to inform the surgeon.  She must open up her goals and an open communication will be great.

The following is a simple guide as to the required volume in changing a one size.  Multiplied by twice or thrice for various size changes.  But there will be a slight difference because of variation among the bra manufacturers.

These are brassier sizes or volume that needs to add to single size:

30 –        100-200ml

32-          150-250ml

34-          200-300ml

36-          250-350ml

38-          300-350ml

Below are some points to avoid in finding the right breast implant size:

  • Avoid imitating on other patient´s photos.    A woman´s body circumference is different from another especially in weight, chest diameter and height.
  • Relying on some lingerie ads should be avoided.
  • Do not imitate friend´s implants unless you have the same body frame, breast shape and size and same size goals.
  • Choose the right implant size NOT smaller implants that in result, you will complain that it is “not noticeable”.
  • Be honest when trying the sizers; select your appropriate implant size.

In choosing the correct breast implant size, the patient must consider these factors:  existing breast´s volume, shape of the chest, rib cage size.    It is appropriate to ask the surgeon to help out the patient for her desired breast implant size.