August 29, 2011

Breast implant surfaces (textured , smooth)

All about breast implant surfaces

A patient can choose between the textured implants or the smooth implants.  Textured have a rougher surface and its primary advantage is that it has a much lower incidence of capsular contracture.  When the implants are placed over the muscles, the incidence of capsular contracture with smooth surface is likely thirty percent.     When the implant is under the muscle, the incidence becomes the same with either implant.   Some cosmetic surgeons found out that the textured implants are more obvious and have more of rippling.  So, the smooth surfaced implants are preferred unless the patient has a capsular contracture in the past.

The external surface of an implant can be textured or smooth.    They are visible after the surgical procedure.    However, whatever the patient choice in her implant surgery will not affect the feel of the implants unless there will be a capsular contracture.

All kinds of experiments were studied to prevent scar tissue to harden around the breast implant.    Although there will be a scar tissue that are forming around any foreign object in the body, the condition is called capsular contracture.    This condition is firm and produces pain.  The textured surface of breast implant could solve this problem.

The breast implant manufacturers in hoping to prevent scar tissue added a textured surface from lying down uniformly.  According to many studies, the textured surface would not reduce the possibility of risks of capsular contracture but other studies do find otherwise.

Textured implants oftentimes have thicker shells and firm in appearance and palpability.

If ever the texture helps hurts with contracture and rippling tissues, the anatomical implants will require a textured surface in order to serve their secondary purpose of keeping the implant from flipping over.  If the patient would choose in the breast shape of implants, there will be a chance that the patient selected a textured implant by default.

Most breast implants have smooth surface.    Many cosmetic surgeons preferred the use of smooth, round breast implants than the textured type.    Smooth implant types are placed under the breast muscle to prevent the risk of capsular contracture.

Smooth textured implants comes in thinner outer covering and it is softer and not as stiff.    They are soft and have more natural movement.

During the patient´s initial consultation with her surgeon, it is important for the patient to choose the right breast shape, size and the accurate implant surface.   She must learn the individual characteristics of the two types of surfaces.  She must be aware also with the disadvantages and the advantages of these breast implant surfaces, especially for the patients with plans of a revision surgery.

To summarize the differences of textured and smooth breast implant surfaces:

  •  The implant used by most of the surgeons is the smooth-surface which is placed under the muscle of the chest
  • The cosmetic surgeons are using the textured-surface to reduce the capsular contracture incidents, especially for the revision surgery.
  • The implant texture is a consideration from most profiles in round implants
  • The teardrop shaped implants must always be texture to prevent the rotation of the implants

Here are the summary on the different texture and smooth breast implant surfaces.