August 29, 2011

Breast lift surgery

What is breast lift surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there is about ninety three thousands breast lift surgery procedures were done on the year 2005.  Breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure which reshapes and raises the woman´s sagging breasts.  It can be performed without or with the insertion of breast implants that will depend on the needs of the patients and her anatomical factors.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will have to measure the patient´s breast while sitting and standing.  The patient will discuss her desired breast lift surgery and shape of the breast, and the positioning of the nipple after the procedure.    The surgeon will then help the patient to comprehend the sudden changes of her physical appearance.    The patient must also discuss her goals and expectations with her doctor and how will she achieve the satisfactory outcome. breast lift surgery

How is the breast lift surgery performed?   This surgical procedure is performing using local anesthesia or the patient may prefer a general anesthesia, in an official surgical office or in g a hospital.  The procedure will last for about two hours to three hours.  The level of the breast lift will determine on the length and number of the incisions.  The more a patient needs, the more she needs a lift with more broad incisions.      Simply, if the patient needs a major lift, likely she will be a candidate for a periareolar incision.

If the candidate is going to have breast lift surgery implants, the surgeon can be placed:

  • Behind the breast (subglandular placement)
  • At the back of the breast and the muscle groups in the area of the chest(complex submuscular)
  • At the rear of the breast and the pectoralis major muscle (partial submuscular placement)

During the breast lift surgery

the skin is eliminated and the tissue is moved around, the breast will be bruised, swollen and sore after the procedure.   The surgeon will ask the patient to wear surgical bra or bandages for few days.  There will be some pain but it will subside by taking prescribed medications by the plastic surgeon.     After the surgical bra and the bandages have removed, the surgeon will prescribed that the patient should wear a brassiere which will support the swollen breasts until the puffiness subsides.   The stitches will be taken-off within a week or two after the procedure.

Strenuous physical activities should be prevented after the surgical procedure, because it will cause the surgical area to increase pressure and swell.  The patient can report to her work within a week and the normal activities after a month.  The nipples´ sensation will be temporarily affected but it will return as the breast heals.   The breast feeding ability will also be affected temporarily.

Just like any surgery, there are some risks and complications related to reaction or infection.    The excessive bleeding, skin death and hematoma are some of them.  After the healing, some permanent scars will stay.    If the patient´s surgical team will take proper precautions, the complications are minimal and the patient will experience a successful and smooth and efficient recovery after breast lift surgery.