August 29, 2011

Choosing breast implant size

The accurate breast implant size for you

During the initial consultation with the surgeon, the patient must have a serious discussion with him of what size of breasts she would like to have.  The doctor will of course, listen to her wishes, but the patient must be aware of what the accurate size she wishes.     For deciding the precise size of the candidate, there are factors that should be followed:  candidate´s body frame, her height, the shape of her chest, the current volume of her breast and the size of her rib cage.   She cannot easily dictate of what she wants.    With the support of the surgeon, she will fully understand the factors on choosing the type and size of her implant.  She must rely with the recommendation and advice of her surgeon.   As a plastic surgeon he got lots of training and experience to rely upon.

It is advisable also to bring her own pictures or view the surgeon´s photo gallery of his former clients/patients.  This is to find the desired shape and size for her breast implants in easy and simple way.    By using this technique, the surgeon can have a reference of her needs.

Patients have to take note the width of the breast implants.  When placing the implants on the table, there will be difference in the height.    The major difference is how big the space will be between the breasts.  If the patients has a broad spine enclosure plus the areola that will be placed on the and nipples placed out to the side area.   And if the patient will select the sides, and the patient chooses the petite implants, there will be a broad fissure between the breasts.  So, it is advisable to learn the correct way of choosing implants with the help of the preferred cosmetic surgeon.

The following are suggestions to achieve the right choice of breast implants:

1)      Be frank.  When discussing the scheduled breast implants, the patient must be frank and open with her surgeon.  There must be a two-way communication between the patient and the practitioner.   Choose from the picture files of his former patients to begin their serious but honest conversation.  The picture samples should be of patients with the same body frame as the patient.

2)       The surgeon will let the patient wear the different sizes of “try on” by putting them inside the patient´s bra so she could study of her desired size of implants.    It is not right to define the breast implants in terms of the patient´s bra cup-size.  The bra´s cup-size varies between brassiere styles and their manufacturers.

3)      Be objective.  The patient must have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgical procedure.    Do not presume that the larger the breasts, the better.   Big sized implants can be sag and can give a matured look.  The best choice is to select the implants with natural looking and that are proportion with other parts of the body.

Women selection of her right size breast implants promotes her sexiness and boost self confidence.   However, if they made the inappropriate choice of the type of breast implants, there will be no choice but to revise the surgery.

Revision of surgery will mean added additional risks and complications.   It is an important step to have a considerable discussion between the surgeon and the patient before the surgical procedure including the breast implant size.