August 29, 2011

Complete submuscular breast implants

More information on complete submuscular breast implants

Breast implants that are positioned underneath the muscle are not entirely at the rear of the pectoral muscles.  The two third part of the implant is at the back of the muscles of pectoral and the muscles of serratus.   The one third inferior part of the fascia is linked to the upper rectus, pectoral and serratus abdominal muscles.  It is not anatomically possible to have breast implants totally underneath the pectoral muscles.

The complete submuscular breast implants placement can only be possible through periareolar, inframammary and transaxillary incisions.   By using the transaxillary incision, the fascia and the muscle could be stay intact.   There is no need of dissecting or cutting unlike through the crease and periareolar incision.  With these two incisions, the muscles should be dissected in one way or another, and it is concealed up with some sutures or it will be left to natural healing. complete submuscular breast implants

During the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, the candidate should discuss the beneath placement of the muscle.    The patient must clarify her desires of implants either complete or partial submuscular placement.

Listed below are the pros of the complete submuscular breast implants:

  • The muscle and the fascia will conceal the implant which will help to disguise the edges of the breast implant and also the nipple´s ripples.   When the possibility of the rippling, the three types of placement, having the complete submuscular placement have the minimal numbers of risk of visible rippling.
  • The one which will serves as a support to the inferior pole is the fascia while the tissue of the skin will support the weight of the breast implant.    This complete unders will also serve like an internal brassiere.
  • It has a minimal risk of the capsular contracture
  • The result of the mammogram is readable
  • It has a lesser risk of bottoming out

The complete submuscular breast implants disadvantages

includes the after surgery pain, longer recovery and great swelling.    The swelling can be excessive but it will subside eventually.  During this time, the higher portion of the breast will have unnatural appearance and when the swelling fades, the flexing of the pectoralis muscles during a physical activity, may cause the boobs to move and may distorted.

Most women are not concern of these disadvantages.  They believed that these cons are just temporary and the distortion problem is only a minor one.  Most women, especially those who are athletic types choose this kind of breast implant placement under the muscle with the exemption of the muscle builder persons.

The body builders are thin and muscular individuals that can benefit the implant placement below the muscle.   For muscular females that have great level of muscular deformation with implants that are positioned under the muscles. Body builders are worried to the belief that saline implants are best for them.  And that the silicone gels breast implants are only options.    Most body builders prefer the silicone breast implants for its minimal risk of rippling.  Positioned below the muscle, there will nominal risk of distortion with the flexion of muscles in the pectorals.    The previous availability of the silicone, the women sometimes become disappointed of the results of the cosmetic surgery. That is the reason why you have to learn the informations about complete submuscular breast implants before undergoing this kind of surgery.