August 29, 2011


Detailed information about inframammary incision

Plastic surgeons favored the inframammary incision in performing breast augmentation surgery.  This incision is over the fold of the underneath of the breast which is called the inframammary crease.  This type of incision can be practice to position the breast implants over and under the muscle.  It is usually use for the saline breast or silicone gel implants.   The removal of the implants which is known as the explantation can be performed using the inframammary incision.   The surgeons are more comfortable with this type because of the accurate positioning is very vital and this type of incision provides the surgeons the correct way to place the breast implant.     One of the disadvantages of this method is the visibility of the scar below the breast.

Woman´s breast contains a multifaceted tissue groups which includes fatty, fibrous and glandular tissues.  The boobs are placed over the chest wall´s pectoral muscles and linked to the chest wall by fibrous strands  which is known as the Cooper´s sinew in the breast´s crease.  The strong fibrous parts hold the skin to the wall of the chest.   The inframammary crease is made up by gravity´s pull on the below part of the breast which is unconnected to the wall of the chest by any fibrous tissue.  A fold is figured at the point where the breast and the skin are associated (location of the fifth or sixth rib) and the location of the skin which is firmly attached to the main body structure.

In performing the inframammary incision, the surgical practitioner would choose the exact location of the incision which is underneath and close to the inframammary crease.  The physician will make the incision and a pocket in which the breast implant will be place.  The implant will be slid in ascending movement through this incision then centered at the rear of the areola.

The notch´s location is to assure the accurate placement of the implant, but also to diminish the visibility of scar.   The scarring from the proper location of inframammary incisions would be hidden under a swimsuit top.

Advantages of this type of incision is appreciated by the surgeons and the patients.  The  initial is that this type of incision will allow the implant to be position in any of the implant areas:  the subglandular, complete submuscular and the partial submuscular.   Another advantage is the ability of the surgeon to perform the surgery closer to the breast, which enable the doctor to have a clear visibility while performing the surgery.

Every person health condition and situation is unique.  The inframammary incision may or may not the best for a patient.  It is important to discuss the advantages of the incision with the well-trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Advantages of the inframammary incision are:

  • The total control of the cosmetic surgeon over the implant positioning.   The inframammary incision will allow the surgeon a great deal of control over the positioning of the implant.    With the incisions at the lower part of the breast, the breast implants can be placed above,  or partially beneath, or completely below the pectoral muscle
  • The incision lines are completely concealed, beneath swim wears, underwear and lingerie.
  • The inframammary incision is perfect when placing silicone gel implants
  • If there will be any complications relating to the breast implants, the surgeon will be able to use the same incision for the revision surgery without making another incision in any area of the breast.

And this are the advantages of inframammary incisions.