August 29, 2011

Partial Submuscular breast implants

What you need to know about partial submuscular breast implants

When the plastic surgeon will positioned the breast implants below the muscle, he is doing a partial submuscular breast implants.    With this placement, the implant is partially covered by muscle and the remaining half is concealed. The partial submuscular breast implants is also known as retro pectoral or dual plane. Other plastic surgeons refer this placement as submuscular or subpectoral.

With this procedure, the lowly part of the pectoralis muscle is incised for the upper part of the breast implant is placed below the muscle and the lower section placed underneath the breast (subglandular).

While there are various types of factors to be noted about breast augmentation or partial submuscular breast implants

the patient must also be educated with the disadvantages of this type of breast implants.     The below aspects should be not ignored in making decisions for a breast implants:

  • This type has a least hold for the implant weight at the base  so there will be a possibility of breast lift
  • The rippling worries will occur underneath the implant
  • On  loosening of muscles during a physical activity there will be contraction into a unnatural appearance of the implants
  • The breast implants will take a long time to `drop” after the surgical procedure
  • When the implants are placed in an area above where sagging tissue is, there will be a minimal natural looking  in appearance to women with sag.

The listed below are some of the pros of a dual plane breast implants or partial submuscular breast implants:

  • When the implant is placed underneath which is concealed by skin or a tissue, there will be a lower risk of visible ripple.
  • The risks of capsular contracture are negligible

The female breast´s tissue is soft that expand beyond and over the muscle called pectoral that is located at the upper chest.  During the surgical procedure, the pectoralis lowest part,  is cut so that the higher parts of the breast implant may placed under and profoundly into the muscle.      Then again the inferior part of the breast implant is placed under the breast (subglandularly).partial submuscular breast implants

The women´s breast contains compound tissue groups which includes fatty, glandular and fibrous tissues.  The breast is placed above the pectoral chest muscles of the chest wall and is connected to the wall of the chest by fibrous strands which is known as Cooper´s ligaments.  The fatty and glandular tissue in the breast promotes the breast its soft consistency.  This tissue is widened up to the breasts, which surround the fibrous and glands tissues.

If planning to have a partial submuscular breast implants, a certified plastic surgeon can facilitate the answer of the patient´s questions and help her decide of which type of breast implant surgical is best for her.

The breast implants can be a successful one if it is performed on the right candidates, but the surgical procedure is not always appropriate for every female.   There are various guidelines and practices that the surgeons are using that will influence the suitability of the candidate for breast implants and all the factors are important considerations.    It is important for the patient to consult a board-certified, well-experienced cosmetic surgeon for advices that are related to the patient´s specific health condition and particular needs for partial submuscular breast implants.