August 29, 2011


All about periarealor incision

This is a well-known incision used in performing breast augmentation.  Just like the inframammary incision, this type of incision will allow the plastic surgeon a total control when placing the breast implants.  The periarealor incision is used in placing the saline breast implants or the silicone gel over or under the muscle.  It is also use to remove (explants) or replace breast implants.

The cosmetic surgeon will make a periareolar incision in the outside skin of the areola.    The areola is the dark area around the nipple.   The major benefit of this method is that the surgical scar will heal in short time.  And one of the clear disadvantages of this incision is the greater risk of exposure to the bacteria that is found in the tissue of the breast.    The other is the scar is placed directly on the breast.    If the patient will not heal in short time, the scar will be visible.   However, most women who undergone breast augmentation with this type of incision testified that their scarring healed well.   The periarealor incision does not cause any major risk of loss of sensation than other types of incisions.  Females with small areas of areolas may be prone to the risk of sensation loss if there is a need for the incision to extend beyond the areola.

Besides from the fact that the periareolar incision is the most preferred choice incision of the plastic surgeon, there are also some advantages by using this method, and these are:

  • The periareolar incision will allow the cosmetic surgeon to position the breast implants underneath the glandular tissue
  • It gives the total control for the surgeon of accuracy because of its distance of the slit to the surgical area
  • If there will be complications after the first surgery, an extra incision is not advisable.  The surgeon will use the original incision which will eliminate the risk of another scarring from the corrective surgery or breast augmentation
  • Throughout the surgical procedure of a breast augmentation with the use of periareolar incision, the breast implant is rolled up in a protective sleeve before the actual insertion into the implant pocket.  This protective sleeve will avoid the implant from any bacteria that will cause infection.  The sleeve will then remove after the implant is positioned.

The various breast implants techniques and several types of incisions have been used for the breast augmentation, and the choice will be depend on the physical features of the patient,  the goal for the surgical procedure, and the final decision of the patient and her preferred surgeon.  The periareolar incision is ideal for the cases of the developments; hypomastia that have great skin and the glandular tissue with minimum ptosis.  Major disadvantages of this incision are the hypopigmented scar of the dark colored area surrounding the nipple and the loss of the sensation of the nipple.

If the patient will be undergoing breast surgery, she must choose the right, well-trained, and experienced surgeon.    Have an initial consultation that will allow her to discuss expectations and some important considerations such as the type of implant, size, shape, and the right type of incision.

The preparation for breast implants surgical procedure; she will be informed by her surgeon to follow some guidelines and instructions that will be provided by the surgeon.    It is essential to follow these doctor´s orders seriously and she have to follow them religiously and faithfully.  If not, there will be an increase of developing some risks and complications during and after the periarealor incision procedure.