August 29, 2011

Silicone gel breast implants explained simply

All about silicone gel breast implants

Silicone is an important chemical element that can be found in rock, quartz, and sand.  When this element is mixed with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, it produces silicone.   Silicones come in variety of forms, like rubber, elastomers and gels.  And these chemical elements are used in different types of implants, containers of water, tile, faucets pipe joints, for automobile lubricants, cookware coatings, dry cleaning solutions, electronics casings, flame retardants, and for personal and common lubricants.   In breast implants, silicones are used as a component in creating the implants and many other surgery uses, from gels to bandages.  For Personal hygiene, silicone can be found in hair shampoo, gels and conditioners. silicone gel breast implants

This chemical element, silicone is not only for implants but it can be used literally in every part of the human body.  This could help for formation of health valves and some cardio-vascular prosthesis, like catheters which are used from drug delivery to the cardiac monitoring.  In dentistry; in the gastrointestinal tract, the silicone prosthesis serves as a facilitator for the nerve regeneration, in the throat, nose, ear and respiratory tract as an ingredient in prosthesis for the many parts of skeletal system, as a cosmetic agent for the scars and wrinkles treatment., and for the urogenital purposes, this includes the penile prosthesis and many other various applications

The silicone gel breast implants were used

and introduced as early of 1963.  It had gone through many examinations, modifications and enhancements.  They are with different shapes, styles, and sizes within each category.  They are made up of elastomer rubber and are regarded the most basic in the breast implants.    Patients can choose from their two types of surfaces, the textures and smooth surface, from single to double and normally the implants are covered with polyurethane foam.   When the silicone gel breast implants were banned in the United States, European countries continued to market this type.  But eventually, the Food and Drugs Administration approved the use of silicone gel breast implants on 17 November 2006.

Using the silicone gel breast implants is most preferred by patients who are considering having breast augmentation because of its softness and natural looking.    It has also the advantage in case of breakage in the shell, it maintained its shape and it will not be obvious if there is break for a long time.  This type of implant is perfect for thin patient and with small body frame.

The disadvantages of silicone gel breast implants are:

It comes in pre-filled and requires a large incision either on the breast or in the armpit.  It is likely to harden or form a capsular contracture making unsightly form of the breast and with possibility of revision of surgery.

There are numbers of studies and examinations to study whether the silicone gel breast implants can be cause some tissue diseases such as cancer.  But there is no concluded result that these types of implants are not associated with either of these diseases.    And the manufacturers of this silicone gel breast implants are having continuous studies for further improvement of their products.