August 29, 2011

Silicone gel breast implants detailed information

Getting to know more on silicone gel breast implants

Having breast implants these days are always very   divisive just like the subjects on abortion.      Some  groups are getting involve on these things because of what they believed that  having them are morally wrong and could harm ones´ health.

On the late of 1980, and early 90´s, there were claims that using silicone gel breast implants could promote some diseases for women.    Claims that include anti-immune illnesses that are related to tissue diseases and various types of cancers.    There were also legal suits that were filed against using of gel breast implants.  About thousand of women claimed that they suffered symptoms leading to rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue, loss of hair, scleroderma due to using of these implants. silicone gel breast implants

Because of these claims without any convincing and scientific evidence, the Food and Drug Administration  ban the silicone gel breast implants in the United States and no longer available on the market.   During the heights of the lawsuits, silicone breast implants manufacturers and companies paid millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements and others filed for bankruptcy despite of lacking of evidence and appropriate studies to back up the lawsuits´ claims.

Eventually, on November 17, 2006, with follow ups and negotiations, the Food and Drugs Administration approved the usage of silicone gel breast implants provided there will be some requirements or criteria before using such implants.     These days, the silicone gel breast implants have so much improvement due to some studies and medical advancements.

Its now have a thick silicone gel fills and thick shell that would  prevent or reduces the bleeding and can make the implants strong, firm and feel as natural one.  Compared to saline, the silicone gel breast implants are much softer and pre-filled.    Cosmetic surgeons are making larger incisions during the surgical procedure for the appropriate size of placement of the silicone gel implants.     The navel incision is not applicable by using this silicone breast implants.

In order to learn more about silicone gel breast implants women must know first if she is a qualified candidate to use this type of breast implants:

  • She must be of twenty years old and above.
  • She must have a realistic expectations concerning the surgery results
  • A candidate must be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy
  • She is not a smoker for at least half year
  • Healthy eater of nutritious diet
  • A candidate must be in regular physical activities
  • This gel breast implants are also for the reconstruction method to be used on patients after the mastectomy in replacing the breast tissue that was removed.
  • Or for the revision of surgery to improve or correct the breast´s abnormalities.

The advantages of using silicone gel breast implants are:

  • They are softer than saline
  • It could creates a more natural or realistic looks
  • It moves with the  body in a natural way
  • This type of implants have less cases of rippling which is more possible in using the saline type
  • This is appropriate to use by thin women or women with moderate size of body frame
  • Excellent to use for patients who need reconstruction surgery  due to certain illness or injury

These are the important things you must know about silicone gel breast implants.