August 29, 2011

Subfacial breast implants

Need to know more of subfacial breast implants?

A type of breast implant that is similar to a subglandular method is called the subfacial breast implant but with one key exception.  The fascia tissue is cut up away from the pectoralis muscle and the breast implant is positioned underneath the layer of fascia, while the muscles of the chest are intact.  This procedure adds up more time and exertion to the simple and easy subglandular approach but with minimal complication than of the submuscular or subpectoral placement.

The positioning of the breast implant under the pectoralis fascia could minimize the occurrence of the capsular contracture.  The fascia will relieve to detach the implant from the glandular breast tissue, and aiding out the mammogram clear results.    The implant can be place in the front of the muscle so there is no occurrence of some athletic limitation and interaction.    The surgical procedure is shorter, and so as the recovery time.  This method has less chance for any major complications compared to submuscular implant placement.    The physical appearances such as the breast contour and the movement are natural looking with the additional support from the fibrous fascia which has strong characteristic.   The additional layer will help to cover up the breast implant, and will prevent the visibility of the shell wrinkles and can continue the greater anatomical positioning of the implant. subfacial breast implants

This surgical procedure is not excellent for putting off the capsular contracture as in the submuscular placement.    Fascia can encounter support worries that will lead to an asymmetry condition.   Some plastic surgeons are questioning if the fascia will actually provides major benefits to validate the additional effort that involves in this procedure.  The surgical procedure is expensive than of the subglandular placement and with excessive pain after the surgery.

The surgical procedure of subfacial breast implants is an excellent one for females

which prefer subglandular placement.  But it will benefits more with thin, and small breasted females who have less natural tissue to conceal their implants on a traditional subglandular placement.   The extra covering of the layer of fascia helps for the contour and smoothing of the implant shell.  It will also combine the implant to the wall of the chest for a natural look.   The additional advantage is better results during the mammogram readings with fewer incidents of capsular contracture and the additional support of implant.

The subfacial breast implant surgery is considered as a voluntary cosmetic procedure under the best possible conditions to lessen the common risks and complications and to promote the chances for best results.

Drug abuse, smoking, and taking alcohol, and unprepared to follow the post -operation surgeon´s instructions are signs against undergoing this kind of procedure.   The patient must abstain from taking alcohol, recreational drugs, some herbal supplements and vitamins, oils, fish and some of the over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs.    Smoking is also required to be stopping three weeks prior to the surgery.   These factors are necessary to abide for these things can promote some risks like excessive bleeding, bruising, infection, long-term healing and scarring.

A patient must learn and be aware about information on subfacial breast implants,

the better she will be able to make a notified decision about the breast surgery.  There are hundreds of breast augmentation surgery websites that will help the patient.  Talk with family and friends who have had the surgical procedure are also necessary.  Keep in mind that every candidate for breast implants are going to the process and procedure differently and every patient have a specific case and needs when it comes with subfacial breast implants.