August 29, 2011

Your consultation

Your guide for your initial consultation

Your first or initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon is an opportunity to get a feel for your preferred medical practitioner.    His conversation manner and his field of expertise.   After the consultation, you will have a better idea if you really want to undergo the plastic surgery or not with this physician.    Before deciding that, do some digging with his credential first.    It is important for you as a patient to know his medical alma mater, his trainings, his medical expertise, his years of medical and surgical practice and what other hospitals is he affiliated.

Be on time if you have an appointment with the surgeon.  Always remember that physicians are always running out of time.  Be prepared on your questions you are going to ask.    The doctor will discuss to you about your medical history, which will include the major diseases, your past surgeries, or any acute health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or diabetes.   Of course it is very important to inform the physician of these things because it may be relevant to you.   Inform the doctors all medications and supplements you are taking.

It is essential also that you do some researching before you see the surgeon about your desired cosmetic surgical procedure.  Learn its benefits, common risks and complications and various methods for performing the surgery.     Your research will make it easier for you as patient, to know and discuss important and detailed information with the surgeon.    It is necessary to prepare also questionnaires needed to make your final decision.

The surgeon will examine the area you want to improve or enhance and he will ask you what results you are expecting after the procedure.     Be honest with your goal in undergoing such cosmetic surgery.    The practitioner may give some suggestions on your desires which can be different from yours.  He will base his opinions on his examinations and your physical features.       Experienced surgeon is a good choice for they have the knowledge and experience so it is essential to consider his suggestions and explanations for making them.

You can also ask his portfolio to be able to view the surgeon´s former patients before and after photos.  Be keen in examining the pictures for it is easy to retouch photos.  It is quite practical to talk with former patients for you to know their comments and criticisms on the surgeon´s performance and capability.

It is also necessary to ask your surgeon to let him tour you in his clinic or ask a staff to accompany you to visit the various hospitals´ facilities, operating room, recovery room and the patient´s room.    This will enable you to be comfortable with your final decision.

The surgery practitioner should also discuss the common risks and complications that you have to expect after the procedure.    And ask the price quote of the surgery which includes the entire necessary payments such as professional fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nursing staff, and use of operating room, medications, hospital lodging and some miscellaneous expenses and all of these things must be included in your consultation.